Weddings: Personalizing a Hand Fasting Ritual


Now that wedding season is underway, I wanted to provide some suggestions for personalizing a wedding ceremony.

Hand fasting is an ancient ritual used by many cultures across the world and was the inspiration behind the expression, “tie the knot.” It’s a beautiful and symbolic ritual that also lends itself well to being personalized.

Here are some ways that hand fasting can be tailored for your ceremony:

  1. Materials
  • Choose symbolic colors or patterns
  • Make multiple ribbons, or other material, symbolic of an idea. For example, each chord represents one thing that makes a strong marriage
  • Use material, scarf, tie, etc from someone important to you. This can be a sweet way to honor someone who has passed.
  1. Who does the hand wrapping
  • The officiant
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Close friend, etc

* Bonus: Person doing wrapping can also choose the material for wrapping

  1. What is said during the wrapping
  • Special vows to each other
  • Simply gaze into each other’s eyes
  1. Whose hands are being wrapped
  • If involving children in a wedding, wrap their hands on top of the parents’ hands. Bind everyone together as a family.

Find the variation that reflects you and your ceremony the best!