How do Celebrant ceremonies work? I provide a complimentary information session for all ceremonies – whether weddings, funerals, healing, or other type of ceremony.

  1. Our work together will begin with a questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire both helps you define what you want in your ceremony and helps me to understand your personal story and particular needs.
  2. Then, I work with you until we develop the ceremony your heart desires!
  3. After the ceremony, you will receive a beautiful keepsake copy of the ceremony to commemorate the event. It is my gift to you.

In addition to crafting and officiating ceremonies, I also write ceremonies for others to perform. Prices for ceremonies will vary based on complexity and length of the ceremony and any required travel time. For weddings, ask me about pre-ceremony yoga or meditation practice. Be fully present and relaxed to get the most enjoyment out of one of the most important days of your life!

Ceremonies & Yoga

How do you combine yoga and ceremonies? Combining the mental and emotional aspects of ceremonies with the physical practice of yoga can create a profound and often spiritual experience. Options for combining ceremonies and yoga allow for a lot of creativity. Here are a couple ways this can work:

  1. Separate ceremony and yoga practice:
    • Yoga either before or after a ceremony
  1. Include elements of yoga practice as part of a ceremony:
    • Include guided meditations or breathing techniques into any type of ceremony
    • Incorporate yoga philosophy into your ceremony
    • Bring movement and asana into part of a ceremony

What are the benefits of combining yoga and ceremonies?

  • Unites the group and sets intentions
  • Yoga before a ceremony can shift participants’ frame of mind, provide a shared experience, and bring them to the ceremony relaxed and open
  • Yoga after a ceremony can help “seal in” the effects of the transition marked by the ceremony and provide a release after an emotional experience


Practice with me! Contact me for private and small group classes.